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D6 Adventure
The intercom solution far beyond bluetooth!

Join the open intercom solution!

D6 Adventure consists of a D6 unit plus a bluetooth connected walkie-talkie. It´s as simple as that!

The D6 is the unit on the helmet that communicates with your GPS, phone etc. Just as you are used to. But…. D6 has the unique function that it can handle a wireless bluetooth connected PTT (PushToTalk) button located on the handle bar, without delays.

So D6 plus bluetooth connected walkie-talkie is D6 Adventure. You can bye 2pcs of  D6 only (or more) and communicate with your passenger or friends, up to 10 actually. But the D6 itself communicates ONLY through bluetooth like all it´s competitors just cheaper and still with great sound quality. The D6 with PTT (Adventure) does NOT communicate with D6´s without PTT. The thing is that when you have a walkie-talkie connected to the D6 the communication goes through the walkie-talkie. That´s the thing that gives You outstanding range! And everybody can join.

D6 is designed to work in high wind and noise as in your enduro helmet. Your voice will be heard up to about 90-100 km!! With or without Adventure package! That is great!!!

When you bye a D6 Adventure you get the D6 plus a 16 channel walkie-talkie with a bluetooth dongle and a PTT for the handlebar.

You get all advantages of a professional IP55 classified walkie-talkie at once. Standard licensefree channels for your country (PMR in Europe) or your own bought channels. We program your device! And up to 5W of output power (depends on country and channel).
If you have a servicecar they can have a radio too and a car mounted antenna to even enhance the range if you like. The range depends on the terrain but is always far better then the bluetooth competitors!

When not using the radio on the bike you can use it as a professional standalone radio when hunting, fishing, skiing etc.

With walkie-talkie – ALL can join just tune in the right channel and talk. No limits! No pairing/cloning and stuff!

This is the real thing!!

How much? D6 Adventure €480 –  D6 only €160. Plus shipping.
If you are a walkie-talkie fan we have more models of the radio and even carmodels with up to 50W of output power!!

The page is new so mail me what you will bye and we solve the payment. The company is Svenska OH-gruppen, registred for VAT in Sweden. You pay in advance.
More info in swedish at www.trolleborg.se

If you are interesting of being a reseller just send me a mail!

Here is a simple voice demo of D6 Adventure!
We just connected a walkie-talkie to a laptop and recorded the conversation.



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